School Board

Dongar District High School became an Independent Public School in 2015 at which time the School Council became a School Board. The Dongara District High School Board is made up of parents and staff who meet twice a term to plan the school’s educational objectives and priorities. The Board makes it possible for all members of the school community to share in making decisions about the school’s educational environment.

The purpose of the Board is to:

  • represent the educational needs and aspirations of students, teachers, parents and the community
  • determine school priorities
  • assist in the formation of the School Business Plan and School Development Plan
  • monitor the school’s learning outcomes
  • review the school’s priorities
  • monitor the allocation of resources

The School Board is essentially a decision making group which represents the school community in the process of school development planning and policy development.

With the exception of the Principal, members of the School Board are elected for a period of two years. Parent representatives are nominated and elected by the school community. Staff representatives are elected to their positions by the school staff. The School Board meets twice a term.

The 2020-2021 School Board members are:

Principal - Janine Calver (Staff)

Chair + P&C Representative - Kristy Butcher (Parent) 

Vice Chair - Marnie Terhoeve (Parent)

Secretary  - Nicole Davey (Staff)

Parent Representatives - Debbie Gillam, Jessica Kirkland, Martina Manners, Catrina Scatena, Kane Watson

Staff Representatives  - Jane Ganfield, Christine Sweetman, Tanya Stokes

Community Representative - Mark Craine

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